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“Caring IS Our Cure”

I am Thomas Syriac and I welcome you to 180 Degree Rehab to benefit from my 25 years of experience in Physical Therapy.

We treat patients who suffer from

  • Headaches and Migraines and other stress related discomfort
  • Pain after a fall or a car accident
  • Shoulder, elbow, back, and other Joint Pain
  • Falls, dizziness, difficulty walking
  • Pre- & Post-Surgery rehabilitation
  • Knee, hip pain and joint replacement surgeries

  • Neck and low back pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Sports physical therapy that can improve performance

  • Radiating Pain

  • Pain from Injuries suffered at work

At 180 Degree Rehab, I can  make a difference in mitigating Your Pain.

At 180 Degree Rehab, I work with clients one-on-one and succeed in overcoming Your Pain.

At 180 Degree Rehab,  I am a  highly experienced and qualified Physical Therapist who believes in assured quality  and consistency through  individual “hands-on manual therapy” that has guaranteed results for  many satisfied clients .

At 180 Degree Rehab, I take time to identify where your pain is coming from  and provide the appropriate Physical Therapy that will relieve Your Pain.

At 180 Degree Rehab, I have talked to many patients who have felt in other facilities that they are just a number and are just being  sent down an assembly line.

At 180 Degree Rehab, you are always  treated with a personalized care that is  specifically designed for You and Your Situation.

At 180 Degree Rehab, I also have come to believe that from my years of  experience in this industry, Physical Therapy  need not be expensive and my results can be permanent.

At 180 Degree Rehab, I have been guided into providing popular Physical therapy techniques influenced by  my grandfather – a renowned natural healer in India – who proved that one’s general health is improved from the long lasting results  gained from the combination  effects of  good diet, sound sleep, mood enhancement , and stress control.

At 180 Degree Rehab Services


I provide a comprehensive range of Physical Therapy Solutions to treat a wide variety of pain causing ailments.

We pride ourselves in appreciating the many complements we get from doctors and other medical professionals who have come here for help.

More specifically I work with patients who may suffer from these painful conditions :

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain that has failed previous therapy, jaw pain, numbness, chest and arm pain.

These are just a few of the types of patients I work with, and whatever type of pain you are suffering from, I can help. I help clients who wish to avoid surgery with those who want a second opinion on a diagnosis and am here to help you alleviate and manage your pain.

180 is physical therapy with a difference. You can contact me for an initial free consultation. This will last half an hour to 45 minutes and allows me to get to know your problem and advice on a plan to work with you. Pain need not rule your life, so talk to me now at 180 Degree Rehab, and we will get started on a program to restore your health.

At 180 Degree Rehab, I guarantee that you will find that my approach will make You Pain Free and renewed meaning to Your Life.

You can Call me at: 734-604-5037

And know your first visit is ALWAYS NO-CHARGE!

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