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“Caring IS Our Cure”

Welcome to 180, the place to be for the best in one-to-one physical therapy with a difference. At 180, I work with clients individually, and I can succeed in helping you overcome your pain where others have failed.

180 is not your usual physical therapy solution; it is the best. My hands-on manual therapy is all performed by myself – a highly experienced and qualified physical therapist with many satisfied clients – so you will not be passed over to an assistant. I believe this guarantees the quality and consistency of the treatment.

Rather than simply treating your pain, I interpret where it is coming from, why you hurt, and what we can do to relieve the problem. Many people who undergo physical therapy are unsatisfied with their treatment and attention.

I have talked to patients who feel they are just another number like they are being sent down an assembly line. That does not happen at 180, where you will be treated with a personalized routine designed specifically for you.

My experience as a director of various therapy companies plays into my hands and taught me that change need not be expensive and can be permanent. I became interested in physical therapy through my grandfather – a renowned natural healer in India – and began to explore the effect diet, sleep, mood, and stress have on one’s general health.

At 180, you will become free of your pain, you will begin to turn your life around, and you will find that my approach is the one that helps you get back on the right track. Who do I treat? Let’s talk about some of the complaints I am approached to help with.

180 Degree Rehab Services

At 180, I provide a comprehensive range of physical therapy solutions to a variety of clients, among them doctors and other medical professionals who come to me for help. Patients I work with may suffer from the following painful conditions:

  Headaches and migraines, which may be stress related

  Pain after a fall or a car accident

  Shoulder, elbow, back, and other joint pain

  Injuries suffered at work

  Radiating pain

  Pre- and post-surgery therapy

  Sports physical therapy and performance improvement

These are just a few of the types of patients I work with, and whatever type of pain you are suffering from, I can help. I help clients who wish to avoid surgery with those who want a second opinion on a diagnosis and am here to help you alleviate and manage your pain.

180 is physical therapy with a difference. You can contact me for an initial free consultation. This will last half an hour to 45 minutes and allows me to get to know your problem and advice on a plan to work with you. Pain need not rule your life, so talk to me now at 180 Degree Rehab, and we will get started on a program to restore your health.

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